Three Steps to Success

Who Are We Trying To

Our targets are the unchurched, that is, those who are not saved or those who are not actively involved in any church. The specific target depends on the kind of people in the locality where our branches are located.
Our Strategy
To make the Gospel relevant to the individuals within the community. We seek to see God reflected in the lives of the unchurched in our communities.
Our Vision
To turn the lost into saints, encourage them to worship, stand on the word, relate well and harvest the world for God.
Our Belief
The eternal destiny of man culminating in heaven for the righteous and hell fire for the wicked.


The Doings of God

Boldness to face the crowd and growing in the Grace of God Oluwadare Tosin

Unwavering Commitment to God and comfort of the Holy Spirit Iyindokun George

Faithfulness to the things of God and Stability Samuel